Introducing the Lake Norman Small Business Network

The Lake Norman Small Business Network (LKNSBN) meets “Weekly Wednesdays” at 9 a.m. at Maddy’s Fatty’s in Cornelius…

Maddy’s Fatty’s is located at 19905 W. Catawba Avenue #105, Cornelius NC 28031. 704 439 0996

Our “First Fridays” of every month are at Bayne Brewing Company, 19507 W. Catawba Avenue, Cornelius, NC  28031. 704 897 6426

Our “Final Thursdays” of every month are sponsored by our members. D9 Brewing Company, 11138 Treynorth Drive, Cornelius NC 28031
704 457 9368 

Please contact Jim Vogel, 704 439 0787, for additional info.

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Your LKNSBN Board of Service!

David Beard Chair, Lake Norman Community Blood Drive
Tara Attwood Chair, Communications
Katie Muir Stankiewicz Chair, Events
Douglas Marion Associate Chair, LKNSBN
Jim Vogel Chair, LKNSBN
Richard W. Schierer, Ambassador- at- Large